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What raw materials are made of light-emitting diodes

Time: 2021-08-13 View: 558

Light-emitting diodes are referred to as LEDs for short. Small LEDs can emit a variety of light, and the brightness of the light is very high. The lights we use in our homes are all LEDs, but we don’t know much about LEDs. Do you know what materials LEDs are made of? Let's take a look at what are the raw materials for LED production.

The raw materials for making LEDs are chips, brackets, silver glue, gold wires, and epoxy resin.

1. Wafer: The chip is a PN combination composed of P-layer semiconductor elements and N-layer semiconductor elements rearranged and combined by electron movement. It is this change that enables the wafer to be in a relatively stable state. When the wafer is applied with a certain voltage to the forward electrode, the holes in the forward P area will continuously swim to the N area, and the electrons in the N area will move to the P area relative to the holes. While the electrons and holes move relatively, the electrons and holes pair with each other to excite photons and generate light energy. The chip colors are: red, orange, yellow, yellow-green, pure green, standard green, blue-green, and blue.

2. Bracket:

The structure of the bracket: 1 layer is iron, 2 layers of copper plating (good conductivity, fast heat dissipation), 3 layers of nickel plating (anti-oxidation), 4 layers of silver plating (good reflectivity, easy wire bonding),

3. Silver glue: also called white glue, milky white, conductive and adhesive (baking temperature: 100°C/1.5H).

4. Gold wire: The gold wires used by LEDs are φ1.0mil and φ1.2mil. The material of gold wire for LED generally contains 99.9% gold. Utilizing its high gold content, soft material, easy deformation, good electrical conductivity, and good heat dissipation characteristics, a closed circuit is formed between the chip and the support.

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