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Time: 2021-08-13 View: 925

In February this year, the "Semiconductor Lighting Energy-saving Industry Plan" issued by the National Development and Reform Commission proposed that by 2015, my country will eliminate all incandescent lamps above 60W; at the same time, promote the LED lighting energy-saving industry output value to increase by about 30% annually, reaching the goal in 2015 450 billion yuan. According to the plan, indoor commercial lighting products and systems will be the first category to be promoted.

  Market segments

   Recently, the Xibainian store, located at No. 354, Shenban Road, Hangzhou, officially opened. According to Chen Baodong, general manager of Shenzhen Green Semiconductor Lighting Co., Ltd., "Xibai Nian" will be the first brand of LED apparel lighting in China to enter the Zhejiang market in 2013. Another brand "Green Lighting" will still specialize in office lighting.

Facing this huge market opportunity, Chen Baodong has his own understanding, “In 2013, the overall prosperity of the LED industry is expected to stabilize and rebound, and the spring of the industry is coming again. The future market structure will undergo drastic and profound changes. In the past, relying on extensive Gone are the good days of profitable investment and management, and the market will enter the stage of'intensive cultivation' in the future."

   Another data shows that in the commercial lighting market, clothing lighting occupies 60% of the market, and office lighting also has a share of about 20%.

   "Who seized the two major market opportunities of apparel lighting and office lighting, he also established his position in the LED lighting market." Chen Baodong made no secret of his ambitions in the field of apparel lighting and office lighting. "Apparel lighting has a market capacity of 45 billion yuan. If our company can occupy one-tenth of it, we can gain a share of 4.5 billion yuan. This will bring direct and substantial benefits to enterprises and distributors."

   In Chen Baodong's view, it is easier and more professional to cultivate a certain market segment carefully than to try to swallow all the fields. "We are not going to enter the lighting market in the hotel and food industries now. We only focus on the clothing and office sectors. Specialized and sophisticated, this is the long-term development of the company." Chen Baodong told Gaogong LED "Lighting Channel" reporter arrive.

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