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The structure of the in-line LED lamp beads

Time: 2021-08-13 View: 625

In-line LED lamp beads are mainly composed of five materials: bracket, silver glue, chip, gold wire, and epoxy resin.

LED lamp bead bracket:

1) The role of the LED lamp bead bracket: used to conduct electricity and support

2) The composition of the LED lamp bead bracket: the bracket is formed by electroplating the bracket material, and is composed of five layers of materials, copper, nickel, copper, and silver from the inside to the outside.

3) Types of brackets: Lampo with cup brackets for concentrating type, flat head brackets for large-angle astigmatism type Lampo

A. 2002 Cup/Flat Head: This kind of bracket is generally made of materials that do not require very high angle and brightness, and its Pin length is about 10mm shorter than other brackets. Pin spacing is 2.28mm

B. 2003 cup/flat head: generally used to make a lamp of 5 or more, the exposed pin length is +29mm, and the -27mmoPin pitch is 2.54mm.

C. The 2004 cup/flat head is used to make a lamp of about 3 nails, and the pin length and spacing are the same as the 2003 bracket.

D, 2004LD/DD: used to make blue, white, pure green, purple lamps, double wires can be welded, and the cup is deeper.

E. 2006: Both poles are flat head type, used to make flashing Lamp, solid temperature, and welding multiple wires.

F, 2009: Used to make a two-color Lamp, two chips can be fixed in the cup, and three pins control the polarity.

G. 2009-8/3009: Used to make a three-color Lamp, three chips and four pins can be fixed in the cup.

In-line LED lamp beads silver glue

The role of silver glue: fixed chip and conductive role.

The main components of silver glue: silver powder accounted for 75.80%, EPOXY (epoxy resin) accounted for 10.15%, and additives accounted for 5.10%.

The use of silver glue: refrigerate, thaw and stir well before use, because the silver powder will precipitate after the silver glue is left for a long time, if it is not stirred,

The uniformity will affect the performance of silver glue.

LED lamp chip (Chip):

The structure of LED lamp beads and LED chips

1) The function of the wafer: the wafer is the main component of LEDLamp, and it is a light-emitting semiconductor material.

2) The composition of the wafer: The wafer is made of gallium phosphide (GaP), gallium aluminum arsenide (GaAlAs), gallium arsenide (GaAs), gallium nitride (GaN) and other materials, and its internal structure has unidirectional conductivity.

3) The structure of the in-line LED lamp bead chip:

Solder single-wire positive polarity (P/N structure) chips, double-wire chips. Chip size unit: mil chip solder pads are generally gold pads or aluminum pads. The pad shapes are round, square, cross and so on.

4) The luminous color of the chip:

The luminous color of the chip depends on the wavelength. The common visible light classifications are roughly: dark red (700nm), deep red (640.660nm), red (615.635nm), amber (600.610nm), yellow (580.595nm) , Yellow-green (565.75nm), pure green (500.540nm), blue (450.480nm), purple (380.430nm). White light and pink light are a kind of mixed effect of light. The most common is a mixture of blue + yellow phosphor and blue + red phosphor.

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