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How to break the shackles of the development of the LED industry?

Time: 2021-08-13 View: 714

In mid-February, the National Development and Reform Commission and other ministries jointly announced the "Semiconductor Lighting Energy-saving Industry Plan", which clearly stated: By 2015, the production and sale of incandescent lamps above 60 watts will cease; the output value of the LED lighting industry will increase by about 30% annually. It will reach 450 billion yuan annually, of which LED lighting applications will reach 180 billion yuan.

        For a time, the domestic LED lighting industry all cheered, as if it had already ushered in the "best era" of the LED lighting industry.

        Is it really that simple? Can a plan break the bottleneck in the development of this industry? In fact, only when this industry breaks some of the shackles in its development, spring may be ushered in.

        Awkward status quo

        The lamp price is too expensive to become a bottleneck, green lighting is not popular

        The "fate" of LED lighting products is also obvious, that is, the price is too expensive. The reporter learned in a lighting shop in a large decoration city in downtown Suzhou that an 8W energy-saving lamp of a Jiangsu provincial financial subsidy brand has a retail price of 8.6 yuan. If it catches up with the financial subsidy promotion activities, local residents can buy at half price per person. 10 energy-saving lamps; while the same brand of 3W LED lamps have similar brightness, the market retail price is about 50 yuan, and the price of the two light sources is quite different. "8W energy-saving lamps are generally used at home to 20, and a lamp costs 30 to 40 yuan, and it is still a bit of a bit of investment in the decoration", the salesperson told reporters, "LED lights are energy-saving, but Residents don’t know how long the money they save by buying lamps can be used as electricity bills.” The brand’s lamp distributor revealed that traditional energy-saving lamps account for nearly half of their sales in the Suzhou market, while LED lamps account for less than 10%.

         Applause may not necessarily be popular, and it is not uncommon for products with leading technology to be coldly received in the market. It is more environmentally friendly, more energy-saving, and more beneficial to the overall operation of the society. This feature of LED lights is called "positive externality" in economics. Make the quantity produced by the market smaller than the quantity hoped by society.

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