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Better tips for air conditioner LED infrared receiver

Time: 2021-08-13 View: 613

In the use of air conditioners, there are many phenomena that cannot be turned on with the remote control, a large proportion of which is caused by the rust of the LED infrared receiver pins and the deterioration of the conductivity of the surface circuit due to the long use of the air conditioner. Generally, power-on detection of the three pins of the receiving head, GND and power supply pin, and +5v DC voltage between the signal output pins, it can be basically judged that the receiving head is damaged, and the fault can be eliminated by replacing the same model. (If there is no pressure difference, follow the line to check whether the copper foil is oxidized and break the circuit, check the line to solve the problem).

In many cases, there are many types of LED infrared receivers worn by maintenance personnel. It is not clear how the three pins are defined, which pin is GND, which is power + 5v, and which is signal pin. The printing on some receiving boards is also vague. In these situations, teach novices a practical trick. First of all, most receiving boards will have small electrolytic capacitors such as 16v47vf. They are polarized. The positive pole is connected to the +5v of the receiving head, and the negative pole is connected to the GND pin. Then the remaining pin is needless to say the signal pin (sign ) Again. After confirming the pins on the board, how can I confirm the pins of the receiving head that are ready to be replaced (if the model is the same, then the original model can be replaced as it is). If you don’t know the function of each pin, you can use the digital multimeter. Diode test file, arbitrarily use red and black test leads to test. When you find that the red test lead is fixed to test one pin and the black test lead measures the other two pins respectively, there are values of 500-600. Congratulations, the red test pen corresponds to this time GND pin

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