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One-way conductivity of LED light-emitting diodes

Time: 2021-08-13 View: 704

Now we see five-color and six-color lights on the street, and advertising characters in various colors. These are all made of light-emitting diodes. We call it "LED" for short. With the development of technology, light-emitting diodes have now been used in various fields, such as monitors and televisions all using LEDs.

LED is unidirectional, it can only conduct in one direction (energization), called forward bias (forward bias), when current flows, electrons and holes recombine in it to emit monochromatic light This is called the electroluminescence effect, and the wavelength and color of the light are related to the type of semiconductor material it uses and the element impurity doped. It has the advantages of high efficiency, long life, not easy to break, high switching speed, high reliability and other traditional light sources.

The luminous efficiency of white LEDs has been significantly improved in recent years, and at the same time, the purchase price per thousand lumens has also been significantly reduced due to the influence of competition among manufacturers on the market. Although more and more people use LED lighting for office, furniture, decoration, signboards and even street lights, technically, LED's photoelectric conversion efficiency (the ratio of effective illuminance to electricity consumption) is still lower than that of new fluorescent lamps. The future where the country develops civilian use.

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