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LED (LightEmittingDiode) energy-saving fluorescent lamps are green and environmentally friendly energy-saving products that the world calls. LED energy-saving fluorescent lamps have low power consumption, long service life, high efficiency, high brightness, low heat, sturdiness and so on. With the rapid development of LED, the current advanced LED technology has been widely used in various high-tech toys, so as long as you pay attention to it, flash toys can be seen everywhere.

  Toys that can shine, shine and flash are called flash toys. Some flashing toys need to borrow a certain external force, such as electronic flashing toys, they have to borrow batteries, LED flashing toys, they have to borrow the AC in the LED lights to bind the luminous flash.

  Flashing toys can also be called luminous toys. Simply put, it is a kind of luminous and flashing toy for children to play with. Flash toys are usually made of non-toxic and environmentally friendly plastics. They contain luminous substances or light bulbs, which can emit colorful flashes, which are very easy to attract children's attention. Flashing toys usually make the bright spots of the flashing transparent and blocking, and its function is to disperse the irritation of the light to the eyes.

  Types of flashing toys: Luminous flashing toys can be divided into electronic flashing flashes and electromagnetic flashing flashes according to the luminescence of luminescent materials. The difference is that the way of power supply is different.

  Electronic flashing flashing toys include: put batteries in the toy, and bind LED lights to emit colored light. Products include: electronic flashing sticks, electronic rocking sticks, flashing sticks, fairy sticks, horn headlights , Flashing tiger head light, flashing hairpin, flashing crown, flashing knife, flashing sword, flashing finger light, flashing pendant, and some LED flashing lights, flashing words.

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